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Your Lawn is Only Sleeping: Five Lawn Care Tips for Winter

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Your lawn might look dead in the winter, but it’s just taking a little nap. And a snoozing lawn still needs attention, so here are five important lawn care tips for winter:

Keep it clean.

Grass doesn’t want anything to come between it and sun and water — even when it’s cold outside. Pick up those leaves, twigs, toys, etc.

Give it a bite to eat.

When that turf wakes up, it’ll be hungry. Roots can store nutrients through the winter and dig into them in the spring. Gordon’s® Liquid Weed & Feed2 15-0-0 gives grass a great start.

Let it breathe.

If it’s been a while since you aerated, or if your turf is compacted, aerate when the soil isn’t frozen. When it wakes up in the spring, it’ll have easier access to water and nutrients.

Give it some new friends.

Seed! Thick, healthy turf is the best weed prevention, so give your lawn some help by seeding in the winter so it can germinate and thicken in the spring.

Be careful with that ice!

Some ice melters can damage your lawn. Always read and follow label directions — not only on Gordon’s® products, but ice melting products too!

Looking for more tips?

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